Fleet Repair

Fleet Repair in Orlando, Florida

What to Know

Top Customer Service

At Irish Mike’s Total Car Care in Orlando, FL, we provide fleet repair services with transparency and top customer service. Our technicians use the latest technology and diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose and repair fleet issues quickly and effectively. We offer competitive prices on our repairs and provide a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty on all our services. With I-CAR certifications, AAA Approved Auto Repair, TECHNET, RepairPal, and other vendor programs involvement, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results that meet your needs with total transparency.

About Fleet Repair

Fleet repair is a specialized form of automotive maintenance that involves the care and upkeep of a group of vehicles within a business or organization. It includes regular oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks, fluid flushes, inspections, and other services necessary for optimal performance and safety. Fleet repair also includes preventative maintenance plans for each vehicle in the fleet. These plans help catch problems early on before they become too costly or difficult to fix. Many of the same problems that plague personal vehicles can also affect fleets. For example, engine wear and tear due to age or mileage; electrical issues associated with wiring or battery failure; transmission problems caused by low fluid levels; brake issues due to worn pads or discs; and more. With so many moving parts in play, it’s important to avoid any potential issues by having regular inspections on each vehicle in the fleet. That way, we can quickly address potential problems before they lead to further damage or expensive repairs. At its core, fleet repair is all about preventing breakdowns before they occur. This means performing regular maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations every few months or according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. It also means periodically checking brakes for wear and tear and inspecting air filters for dirt build-up or clogs. And finally, it means proactively testing batteries and electrical systems for signs of corrosion or drainage issues that could lead to start-up problems later on down the road.

A Complex Task

As a vehicle owner, knowing what services your car needs and when is important. However, managing a fleet of vehicles can make this responsibility more complex. Fleet repair is an area of automotive maintenance that requires extra attention. From diagnosing common problems to keeping all makes and models running safely and efficiently, our Irish Mike’s Total Car Care team has your fleet covered. Our shop is open Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5pm at 1635 N Forsyth Rd. Orlando, FL 32807. Contact us today at (407) 282-9999 for your fleet repair.