Car Inspections

Car Inspections in Orlando, FL


36-Point Inspections

Irish Mike’s Total Car Care offers a Free 36-point inspection that ensures your vehicle is operating at top performance. In doing so, we make sure your car is safe for you and your family to be driving. Areas we check include but are not limited to: hoses, axles, exhaust systems, steering components, and brakes. Remember: Florida vehicle inspection requirements are intended to make sure that your car won’t fall apart as you’re driving down the street, putting yourself or others in jeopardy.

Car inspections benefit any driver. They provide peace of mind since you know a trained professional has certified that your car functions properly. There are two kinds of inspections — safety inspections and emissions inspections. Safety inspections ensure that your car is safe enough to be on the road by checking out the internal systems that keep your car running, like the engine, battery, and brakes. It is usually comprehensive and can help you find issues you were unaware of. Emissions inspections test the carbon emissions that come from your car to make sure they don’t negatively impact the air quality. Florida vehicle inspection services keep you, and everyone around you, safer on the road. By getting a regular inspection, you can resolve any issues before they potentially cause a breakdown or an accident. Keep your community safe by getting this simple service completed by a mechanic at Irish Mike’s. We service any car and will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Used Car Inspections In Florida

Does Florida have vehicle inspections? Although the state of Florida does not require yearly inspections, there are two instances in which you must have your car inspected:

  1. When you purchase a new car outside of Florida.
  2. When you purchase a used car in Florida.

In either of these cases, the law requires your car to be inspected. Otherwise, you can not register your car or get insurance on it. New cars you buy in-state should be within Florida’s vehicle guidelines, so they are spared from inspection services. Even if neither of these cases applies to you, it’s still a good idea to get your car inspected regularly. This can help you solve minor issues in your car’s system before they become major — and expensive.

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Improve the value of your vehicle by investing in inspection services that will help your car run better for longer. Connect with Irish Mike’s today to get local car inspections in Orlando and the rest of Central Florida. Aside from inspection services, we provide tune-ups, oil changes, and repairs for tires, brakes, and A/C systems. We also offer fleet maintenance and repair service plans for businesses so that employees can stay safe and comfortable while on the job. Schedule your appointment today!